Da Dang 2 Infomation

Da Dang 2 Hydropower Plant was built on the Da Dang River with a surge dam located about 4 km from the river mouth along the river. The canal leading to the hydroelectric power plant is located on the left bank of the Da Dang river at the confluence of the Da Dang river mouth, which flows into the Dong Nai river.


The focal point of the project is in Tan Van commune, Lam Ha district and Tan Thanh commune, Duc Trong district, about 21 km from Lien Nghia town, Duc Trong district along the national highway, about 50 km from Da Lat city to the northeast.


Da Dang 2 Hydropower Plant started construction in early 2008, with a installed capacity of 34 MW with 2 units (2x17MW), selling electricity via a 110kV dual-circuit line 7.7km long, with an output of 152, 11 million Kwh/year.


Main technical parameters:


Spillway: Gravity concrete structure spillway (6m high, 180m long), free overflow.


Earth dam: Homogeneous earth dam (5m high, 645m long).


Reservoir: has a capacity of 0.912 million m3, regulating day and night.


Water channel: open channel with trapezoidal cross section, reinforced concrete structure, 2,698 m long.


Pressure pipe: made of steel, inner diameter 3.7 m, length 325 m, water column 86.2 m high.


Power transmission line: 110kV dual-circuit line, 7.7 km in length, connected to the 110kV Di Linh - Duc Trong line.


Number of units: 2.


Generator capacity: 2x17 MW.


Turbine type: Francis vertical shaft.


Rated flow through 2 units: 45.4 m3/s.


Substation: outdoor type 11/110 kV