DA M’BRI Infomation

Da M'Bri Hydropower Plant is built on the main stream of Da'Mbri stream located in Loc Tan commune - Bao Lam district, Phuoc Loc commune - Da Huoai district and Trieu Hai commune - Da Teh district, Lam Dong province.


The factory is about 140km from Ho Chi Minh City to the northeast and about 25km from Bao Loc town to the west. The tail of Da M'Bri lake is about 8km downstream from Da M'Bri tourist waterfall. Da M'Bri Stream is one of the two main tributaries of the Da Huoai River, a left tributary of the Dong Nai River.


This is a hydroelectric power plant with a reservoir regulated by year, a pressure tunnel of about 4m in diameter, with a total length of 8.3 km. Among the three hydropower projects invested by Southern Hydropower Joint Stock Company, this is a plant. hydropower project with the largest capacity. Da M'bri hydropower plant is connected to the national grid by a 110kV dual-circuit line, with a capacity of 75 MW with an output of 338.2 million Kwh/year.


Main technical parameters


Road for construction and operation: 45.4km long.


Main dam: gravity concrete (54m high, 216m long, 6m wide).


Secondary dam: homogeneous earth dam (48m high, 341m long, 8m wide).


Reservoir: with a capacity of 56.3 million m3, annual regulation


Flood spillway: including 3 overflow chambers, each cavity is 7m wide.


Water intake door: reinforced concrete (35m high, 6m wide).


Water tunnel: total length of tunnel 9,650m (main tunnel is 8,316m long, auxiliary tunnel is 1,335m long).


Power transmission line: 110kV line, 12km long dual circuit, connected to Bao Loc - Da Huai 110KV line


Number of units: 2.


Generator capacity: 2x37.5 MW.


Turbin: Francis type, vertical shaft.


Rated flow through 2 units: 22.7 m3/s.


Substation: outdoor type 13.8/110 kV.